Corona Haikus (Video)

Corona virus


Pandemic crippling the world.

New reality


Coughing collage.

If I cough or wheeze

Evil genius rears its head


Social distancing signs.

S  o  c  i  a  l        d  i  s  t  a  n  c  i  n  g

Engage                      without         approaching

Must         fathom          six           feet

Empty shelves and one per customer sign.

Shoppers are hoarding.

Crisis!!! Panic buying mode…

Toilet paper?  Binge!!!!!!

Corona virus made with corona beer bottles and hoax sign.

News tries to uplift

While painting a bleak picture

NOOoooOOO.  It’s not a hoax.

Restaurants scramble

To stay afloat in these times.

Eat out. At home, please.

Working at home now

Zoom conference < Tiger King

Cocktail hour = 9 A.M.

Hospitals lacking

The most basic equipment (?)

States compete for goods.

Basic hospital equipment collage.
Flattening the curve graph collage.

to FLATTEN THE curve

Means sacrifice, science and

Avoid politics.

The disease divides

And it also unites us

Human Family

3 thoughts on “Corona Haikus (Video)

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    1. Hi Prakaash,
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