Haikus for a Vegan Sauce (Video)

Salami on a plate with yellow, red and green sauces.

Yellow Pepper Coulis, Red Bell Pepper Juice and Basil Oil

We eat with our eyes

Food tastes better when pretty

The sauce helps the look

Sauce heightens flavors

Some cook for several hours

For the awesome taste

These three elements

Don’t take a long time to cook

To make a great sauce

This sauce is simple

Bell peppers cooked in two ways

With some basil oil

Coulis, juice and oil

Combine to create the sauce

See the video

The sauce is vegan

But gussies up anything

Even salami

Basil Oil

Blanch some basil leaves

In boiling, salted water

For fifteen seconds

Shock in ice water

Dry, chop, blend with neutral oil

For three good minutes

Place oil in a jar

Put in the fridge overnight

Strain through some cheesecloth

Yellow Bell Pepper Coulis

Halve and core peppers

Coat with oil and place on pan

Roast at a high temp

When the skins look black,

Place in a bowl and cover

Peel when they are cool.

Remove the skins, seeds

Puree in food processor

Strain for fine coulis

Red Bell Pepper Juice

Seed and chop peppers

Juice, skim and slowly reduce

To the taste you like


Dot plate with puree

Drag a spoon through coulis

Straight or with a curve

Spoon some juice on plate

Drizzle some oil on the juice

Serve it very fast

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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