A Hand Sanitizer Tour of Doraville, Ga.

Hand sanitizer on a shelf.
Doraville’s Pride and Joy

The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer as an effective tool in combating the spread of COVID-19.  A proper hand sanitizer should contain three qualities:  At least sixty percent alcohol, antibacterial agents and a luscious mouthfeel.

In addition, a succulent hand sanitizer possesses the following characteristics:

  1. Sweetness
  2. Acidity
  3. Tannins
  4. Body

Experts rank hand sanitizers much like France’s Burgundy region rates wine.  “Mauvis” indicates a generic hand sanitizer.  Higher up are the “Nausée” germ killers.  Then come the Premier Vomi antibacterials.  Topping the list are the Grand Vomi hand sanitizers, the crème de la crème of disinfectants.

Welcome sign to Doraville.

I decided to find the source of the Grand Vomi hand sanitizers, lotions that not only disinfect but also tickle the senses and disturb the faculties.  My research took me to Doraville, Ga., the hand sanitizer capital of the world. 

Doraville on georgia map.

Doraville is located about thirteen miles (twenty-one km) northeast of Atlanta.

The Atlanta suburb has a mixed population consisting of Hispanics (44%), Caucasian (21%), Asian (15%), Chiropractors (6%) and a guy named Tommy.

Doraville’s diversity means the hungry traveler can sample a range of cuisines.  For example, in one shopping center the gourmand can find Honduran baleadas, Malaysian tenga (fried pig ears), and Wendy’s.

In addition to the cuisine, the diverse city boasts several kid friendly parks and a World Class driver education center.

The backbone of Doraville’s economy is hand sanitizer production.  Companies such as Hand in Hand, Mano a Mano and In Good Hands have made Doraville their headquarters for years. 

What attracted these manufacturers to Doraville are the rich natural resources in the city’s residential communities.  Hand sanitizer connoisseurs often refer to terroir, the natural environment for antibacterial lotion production, including soil, topography and climate.  

Each of Doraville’s neighborhoods contains rich deposits of the ingredients necessary for a sublime disinfectant.  I visited three communities to find out how they add to the magic of the Grand Vomi hand sanitizer.

My first stop was in the Northwoods historic district. 

The Northwoods historic district has been on the National Register of Historic places since 2014.  This venerable community exemplifies mid-century and contemporary architecture in Georgia.  Moreover, Northwoods also has enormous lodes of propylene glycol running under its winding streets.  And, propylene glycol is a vital component for a true Grand Vomi hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer squirt dispenser.

For example, Wish Advanced hand sanitizer has copious amounts of propylene glycol.

Therefore, our palates receive tastes of barley sugar, butterscotch, and the faintest hint of maple syrup.  However, the concentrated sweetness is balanced with eye-opening freshness and holds oodles of tangy spice.  This hand sanitizer seems to be alive with bundled energy and makes the headaches worthwhile.  As a result, Wish Advanced pairs excellently with a variety of cheeses as well as all Asian cuisines. 

The next stop on the tour was the Oakcliff Estates neighborhood. 

This working class neighborhood attracts residents due to the ample affordable housing as well as the proximity to shopping and public transportation.  In addition, Oakcliff Estates has an abundance of glycerin in the soil.  Glycerin adds body to hand sanitizer, which creates the smooth, velvety texture that hand sanitizer aesthetes crave. 

A tube of hand sanitizer.

To illustrate, Assured Instant hand sanitizer places glycerin high on the ingredient list. 

It has intense lemon and white flower aromas.  On the palate, other citrus fruits such as grapefruit and tangerine come alive to round out the flavor profile.  The blurred vision and loss of coordination that come with drinking Assured only add to the experience.  Consequently, Assured finds its life partner in foods such as poached salmon with lemon butter sauce or simple grilled shrimp. 

The final stop on the tour was the Northcrest neighborhood. 

Northcrest stands out as Atlanta’s largest cluster of mid-twentieth century modern homes.  Moreover, Northcrest contains Atlanta’s largest reserve of triethanolamine, which is an indispensable component of all Grand Vomi hand sanitizers. 

Hand sanitizer tube.

For instance, M Skin Care hand sanitizer contains generous amounts of triethanolamine. 

From nose to finish, this is such a complex, inviting hand sanitizer.  Notes of raspberry, rose, and freshly tilled earth on the nose augment rich flavors of black cherry and rhubarb on the palate.  It’s delicate in tannin but has a thrilling acidic lift on the finish.  Furthermore, the nausea and abdominal pain that M Skin Care offers are a sublime event.   As a result, M pairs flawlessly with roasted duck or gnocchi with pesto. 

True connoisseurs go to the source.  If you’re a hand sanitizer appreciator, put Doraville on your bucket list.  The diversity will fascinate you.  In addition, you’ll visit the locales that supply the fundamental ingredients for this magical elixir.  You’ll have clean hands, a tickled palate and diminished sensibilities.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

4 thoughts on “A Hand Sanitizer Tour of Doraville, Ga.

  1. Wow I have sure learnt a lot about hand sanitisers. 60% alcohol, no wonder aa attendees are having a hard time. A hand sanitisers capital, who’d a thought? Personally I’ll go with hand washing with good ol’ soap and water. Have since the start and will continue to do so. I carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser in my purse for emergencies. I am intrigued now to see what the other 40% of it is. What long words of chemicals it’s got in it. Blessings J x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you found the piece educational, Joy. 😉 And, hand washing is a very efficient germ killing method. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A nicely articulated informative post. Thank you.

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