After Eating the Destroying Angel Mushroom

The destroying angel mushroom.

Let us put on the

Sleep apnea masks and

Take a nap

On a bed of diet soda.

4000 years have passed

Since Job lamented,

“My kids never call,

My BMI is over 40

And the landlord still hasn’t

Spackled the shower curtain.”

When Dylan Thomas

Made the turkey chili recipe

That Sylvia Plath gave him

He was out of chili powder.

And turkey.

So he substituted lint

From his dryer.

John cleared his sinuses

By having his only suit altered

Which caused an entire generation

To learn stenography.

History repeats itself

And also has Tourette’s syndrome,

While Michelangelo had rhinoplasty-

Transforming his nose into a pill organizer.

But Lao Tzu and the Zhou Dynasty

Will attest that

An oil change must include

An air filter.

Pythagoras agreed, as did

Zarathustra who had his tires

Stolen while he was inflating them.

Glory!  Give Thanks!

And call your Mother.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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