Purple Mushroom Haikus

Purple mushroom with white stem.

Walking on a path

I saw a purple mushroom

And I thought “Surprise!”

The ‘shroom made me think

On attachments/aversions:

They control our lives.

We have attachments:

“This idea has beauty,

So I must want it!!!

We attach purple

To royalty, flamboyance,

Luxury, maaaagic.

When attachments win,

Existence becomes a blur:

Suffering of change.

When aversions come,

The idea lacks beauty-

Want not to want it

Purple aversions:

It doesn’t suit the office.

Purple food is WEIRD.

If aversions score,

All movements become stressful

And erode our minds.

But, all ‘shrooms exist

Outside of our perceptions:

Spotted, brown or white.

So, purple mushrooms

Deserve neither want nor hate.

Thus, I just took pics.

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