Call and Response

Call and response is a

singing form.

The first singer is responded to

by the second.

Call and response comes from

sub-Saharan Africa

and developed in America through

slave work songs.

Call and response has five forms:


Question and answer.

Statement and commentary.



The Mistress as Artist possesses

her own calls and permits

three responses:

Yes, Mistress

Example: Salvador Dali needing written permission to visit his muse. 

As You wish, Mistress

Representative case: Jack Kerouac swigging Canadian Club in the bar bathroom to keep his tab down.

If it pleases You, Mistress

Paradigm: Elvis Presley enlisting in the War on Drugs so he could do more drugs.

The slave

may offer only

affirmative responses.

No commentary.

No surprises.

No questions.

No statements.

No exceptions.

Circles of watercolor paint on sheet music.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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