A Drunk’s Quest

Empty wine bottle on a diaper changing station.

Walking around at 6:30 in the morning, drained, head down.

Scanning parking lots, foraging for change.  (The Popeye’s drive through window is a good source-people craving fried chicken overlook their dimes.)

Hoping the scavenging will add up to a beer. 

Giving a lascivious side-eye to each scrapped, pimped-out and step-childed airplane bottle of “VSOP” brandy:

In front of Wal-Mart,

next to the dry cleaners,

in lazy homeowners’ overgrown yards.

I believe the, trampled-on, skid-marked second hand liquor

 will collectively add up to a shot.


Not that desperate.


Licking my wounds on the way home, it dawns on me that a Korean 500 won coin looks exactly like a quarter, down to the little ridges circling the circumference. 

Korean 500 won coin.

I have twenty or so of these in a bowl on the dresser, collecting dust from travel years ago.

They’re worthless-like my state of mind.

However, a Buddhist monk told me objects don’t change, the mind changes.

So, let’s change the change into something worthwhile.

The Korean coins and a few real quarters.  Precise palming.  Looking the cashier in the eye and telling them exactly how much I’ve got. 


Katy bar the door!

A six pack for 50 cents.

Cheaper than Seoul, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

2 thoughts on “A Drunk’s Quest

  1. I’d agree with the monk. Seems very wise.

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