After Receiving Two Fortune Cookies in a Single Wrapper

Two fortunes from fortune cookies.

I believe in unseen forces

And that by concentrating with

The focus of a hundred spoon benders

I can make a squirrel

Deal Blackjack.

The Buddha said,

“Do not beg for tomorrow’s lunch today.

And, invest in hand sanitizer.

You’ll thank me later.”

Yet, Siddhartha Gautama,

Not realizing he and the Buddha

Were the same person,

Declined to bring a “plus one”

To the wedding

Of George Eliot to Mary Ann Evans.

When Odysseus

Sent Circe $25 on Cash App,

She thanked him by changing his crew

Into a six-pack

Of argyle socks.

True, Ezekiel did not write

His own book but sold the movies rights

After Nebuchadnezzar sent him

to Babylon next day air.

Even though Raphael didn’t finish

The Transfiguration,

He managed to obtain

A bone spur exemption.

Yes, my anxiety consumes me

But I feel serenity

Knowing it passed on the breadsticks.

This is the age of gratitude!

And Jamaica’s government

Is a democratic constitutional monarchy!!

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