Ode to the Creek Outside My Apartment

A slowly flowing creek.

Let us sail

To Columbus, Ohio.

Landlocked, with only

One decent kosher delicatessen.

Virgos stress over

The use of the Oxford comma

And swoon over raw hamachi.

On a weakened weekend,

Asé bae tattooed the words

“Canoodle” and “Badger”

On her big toe.

At Hera’s request,

Prometheus made smores

At Zeus’s cremation.

Jesus said,

“Now learn this lesson

From the fig tree:

You may get a sense

Of ‘otherness’ when you

Combine my fruit with prosciutto

But it’s nothing like

What goes on in Milwaukee.”

While Sun Tzu’s

Ruse de geurre

Caused a whole generation

To learn pole dancing,

Two French bulldogs

Crooned the Mexican national anthem.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  And take your

Mother to lunch once in a while. 

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