A Sadist’s Dinner

Dominatrix laying on a table wearing a red chef's hat.

My slaves cherish the opportunity to cook for Me.  Preparing a meal for Me confirms the slave’s devotion and adoration to My divine being.  However, I reward the lucky slave by preparing a gourmet meal from time to time. On My terms.  Understand, as well as thriving as the premier Atlanta Dominatrix, I have extensive knowledge of the culinary arts.

I utilize this succulent expertise to further train My slaves.  You see, men are gluttonous, capricious pigs and need My discipline to fulfill their pathetic existences.  For example, in C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters,” Screwtape (the senior Devil) writes to Wormwood (the junior Devil) that “Males are best turned to gluttons with the help of their vanity.”  No matter how slovenly their appearance, men are vain to the extreme and need humility (and humiliation) to exorcise their voraciousness.

To resolve this excess, Screwtape continues that “the denial of any one indulgence…and obedience is at Your mercy.”  My dinners titillate the senses while at the same time denying My slave of the one indulgence he craves: pleasure.  Therefore, watching My slave suffer to consume what he desires brings Me endless amusement and pleasure. 

As a master chef and the elite Atlanta Mistress, I use my wit when planning the menu.  As a result, each course reflects My humor and sadistic proclivities.  Below you’ll see a sample menu of My creations.   Each concept not only demonstrates My culinary abilities but also incorporates some of My favorite play activities with My slaves.

The Evil Stick

Stinging Nettle Soup with Marigolds

Stinging nettle soup in a glass inside a vase with giant chopsticks in the vase.

The evil stick stings and leaves a mark.  Literally.  I enjoy bringing the evil stick into play as a lasting reminder of who is in control-Me.

The slave uses the giant chopsticks to “eat” the soup within an allotted time.  Any time past the deadline results in a thwack from the evil stick.

Breath Play

Razor Clams, Blood Oranges, Sunchokes with a Blood Orange-White Wine Broth and Nasturtiums

Razor clams, sunchokes and blood oranges with a drinking straw at the top of the plate.

Gazing down on you and seeing your pathetic eyes beg Me for air thrills Me.  I’m in control.  You’re at My mercy.  Simple.

In this course, the slave uses the drinking straw to consume everything on the plate.  To properly eat the dish, the slave must control his breathing or it’s lights out.


Roasted Duck Wing, Fingerling Potato, Gooseberry Coulis, Red Wine Reduction and Snapdragons

Duck wing and fingerling potato on a white plate with a spoon at the top of the plate.

Pegging brings Me the ultimate satisfaction.  Powerless, the slave endures the pain and humiliation for as long as I care to give it. 

The slave uses the tiny spoon to scoop up each morsel on the plate.  Failure to finish the dish results in deep, cavernous penetration.


Blood Sausage, Zipper Pea Purée and Pansies

Blood sausage and zipper pea puree locked with chains in a terra cotta plate.

I control your sex drive, sissy.  Period.  Nothing happens down there until I say so.  Chastity constantly reminds the slave that I possess control and will always be in control.

The directions for eating the dish are simple.  The slave doesn’t eat until I unlock the plate.  Then, the piggie only eats when I grant the swine permission.

The Human Ashtray

Tobacco Ice Cream, Ladyfingers and Chocolate Sauce

Tobacco ice cream on ladyfingers on chocolate sauce in an ashtray with three old cigarettes on the left side.

Who doesn’t love a good smoke after a grand meal?  I’ll have a few cigs, blow smoke in your pitiful face and put out your coffin nail in the sauce.

Then, hands cuffed his back and using only his mouth, the slave eats the entire dish, butts and all.

Serving Me is a privilege for any slave.  Having the benefit of receiving one of My meals lets the pig know he’s earned his place in My realm.  Enjoy the courtesy, loser.

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