Animal Rights Group Unveils New Mascot

Animals Being Ethically Treated (ABET) is excited to introduce its new mascot, Peapod, a young, morally conscious squirrel.  Peapod is a humble, sincere and thoughtful critter that truly cares about other animals.

Even though squirrels are opportunistic omnivores, sometimes feeding on bird eggs, small snakes and the occasional haggis, Peapod is different.  He experienced a change of heart after witnessing his father cannibalize his mother and traffic Peapod’s siblings to a local petting zoo.

“Peapod, the mascot, is one more way ABET continues to shake up the animal rights community and connect with plant-based consumers,” said Tehdas Växt, ABET’s Vice President of Brand Awareness.  “We’re the rebels in an all too traditional movement, and we’ve given ourselves permission to have fun with this character that is passionate, devoted and a little unhinged.”

By using Peapod to engage a segment of the population unfamiliar with plant-based proteins, ABET hopes to start an open conversation about consumption and conservation.  Eventually, ABET anticipates providing more opportunities for nutritional education, moral literacy and the correct way to floss.

Peapod is one more way ABET has been deepening its non-member engagement this year.  These engagements have included a series of culturally relevant events including picketing meat markets, emptying lobster bins at supermarkets and stuffing cantaloupe slices in the pockets of members of Congress.

Below are images of Peapod that ABET is using in print ads, on billboards and clickbait ads on Twitter.

Squirrel on a tree limb. Below the squirrel is a purple box with text that says, "I get squirrely when animals become products."
Black and white photo of a squirrel. Below the squirrel is a black box with text that says, "I'm just a squirrel in the world looking for a sustainable meat alternative."
Squirrel looking at the camera. Below the squirrel is a blue box with text that says, "Squirrel away some plant based protein."

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